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AutoBattlers sucks and I'm ok with it

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I just want to share one thing that crossed my mind while I was playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Team Fight Tactics. CLOSURE!

I’ve been playing lately a lot of auto battlers to understand a bit more of this new genre. Dota AutoChess, TFT, AutoChess mobile, Dota Underlords, and finally HearthStone Battlegrounds. I really enjoy Hearthstone as a game so I wanted to check that out. It sucks, and it is a roller coaster of RNG as this article in Polygon defines, and I love it.

The way that the game ends abruptly made me keep thinking about closure. I'm just an enthusiast of psychology, so don’t take what I say as a professional opinion.

To simplify (simplifying a lot actually), the need for closure is a need for answers. Normally we experienced or know cases of emotional closure, when a relationship suddenly ends and one keeps asking itself why so. Closure is achieved once all the answers are fulfilled, and in Battlegrounds there is always this answer in the back of my head that kept asking me: but what if?

Should I had Leveled Up? Should I had buy that one instead of that? Should I had gone Murlocks? What about that other hero?

Battlegrounds it is a fast paced game. For that nature I had to learn that I do not have time to triple all my cards in play, I do not have a time to stick with a strategy from the start 'til the endgame to make it works. Besides, in a normal game of Hearthstone being at 20 health in the endgame (30 it is the starting if you never played it) it is pretty okay. I mean, it depends right? But in 90% of the cases (statistics offered by my head) it is quite okay. But being at 20 health in the endgame of Battlegrounds it means nothing, if the things goes really bad in a fight you can take around 20 damage, and you are out of the game. It happens suddenly, so the "What if" strikes again. Then I press play and ride in this roller coaster again to find an answer.

In this new try, I see my minion hitting a 1/2 Murloc with poison. My minion could had strike the other minion, but the RNG Gods made that trade happened. It was 50/50, could have gone either way. But I saw when it happened, and I didn't have any control of it, I just saw the victory sliding away.

But sometimes the RNG is on my side as well, and when that happens, of course I enjoy the ride. There will be ups and downs, crowns and doughnuts. I don't have control and I'm ok with it.

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